Elegant Style to Wear an Anarkali Dress for Girl Kids

An Anarkali dress is a traditional Indian outfit or ethnic dress that consists of a long, flowing frock-style top paired with a fitted bottom, usually a salwar and leggings. The dress gets its name from Anarkali, a legendary dancer in the court of Emperor Akbar during the Mughal era in India.

The Anarkali dress is characterized by its flared silhouette, which is achieved by numerous pleats and panels of fabric that flow gracefully from the waist to the ankles. The top portion, known as the kameez, is typically heavily embellished with intricate embroidery, beadwork, sequins, or other decorative elements.

The length of an Anarkali ethnic wear dress can vary, ranging from knee-length to floor-length, depending on personal preference and the occasion. It is commonly worn by girl kids for special occasions, weddings, festivals, or cultural celebrations in various regions of India and neighboring countries.

Over the years, Anarkali dresses have evolved in terms of design and style. They are available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns, catering to different tastes and preferences. This ethnic wear is known for its elegance, femininity, and regal appeal, making them a popular choice for those seeking traditional attire with a touch of glamour.

They are beautiful traditional outfits for girl kids that are fabricated and designed for special occasions or cultural events. Here's a guide to achieving an elegant style when dressing a girl in an Anarkali dress:

Dress Selection

Choose an Anarkali dress in a color that complements the girl's skin tone and matches the occasion. Soft pastel shades like peach, mint green, or baby pink are popular choices for a graceful and elegant look.

Length and Fitting

Ensure that the Anarkali dress is of an appropriate length for the girl's age and height. The dress should fit well but also allow freedom of movement. The flared silhouette of the Anarkali should be emphasized for an elegant appearance.

Fabrics and Embellishments

Opt for high-quality fabrics like silk, chiffon, or georgette that drape well and add a touch of elegance. Look for dresses with delicate embroidery, sequins, or lace detailing, as they can enhance the overall charm of the outfit.

Neckline and Sleeves

Anarkali dresses typically feature a variety of neckline styles, such as round, V-neck, or boat neck. Choose a neckline that suits the girl's age and comfort level. For a more formal and elegant look, consider dresses with full or three-quarter sleeves.

Accessorize thoughtfully

Accessories can elevate the overall appearance of the Anarkali dress. Opt for delicate and age-appropriate jewelry like small earrings or a dainty bracelet. Avoid excessive accessorizing to maintain a classy and elegant style.


Select a hairstyle that complements the Anarkali dress. For an elegant look, consider styling the girl's hair in loose curls, a low bun, or a braided updo. You can adorn the hair with fresh flowers or a simple hair accessory for a touch of glamour.


Pair the Anarkali dress with comfortable yet stylish footwear. Ballet flats or embellished sandals in a color that complements the dress can complete the elegant look. Ensure that the footwear is suitable for the occasion and provides ease of movement for the girl.

Makeup and Nail Polish

Keep the makeup minimal and age-appropriate for girl kids. A light dusting of powder, a touch of blush, and a tinted lip balm can be sufficient. If desired, a subtle nail polish color that matches the dress can add a finishing touch.


Always consider that comfort is key when dressing kids, so ensure that you shop for the high-quality and unique Anarkali designer dresses only at LittleCheer store. With the right dress, accessories, and styling, your girl will exude elegance and grace in her Anarkali outfit.

Anarkali dresses for girl kids in India are always a trend in fashion. It is the best choice in ethnic and Indian wear for girls. Above were some of the fine and stylish viewpoints to wearing an Anarkali dress for girls. Follow these things to give your girl kids an elegant and sophisticated look in this ethnic wear.

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